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I loved it

It's cool because it was stylish and entertaining and you didnt try to be too funny with it. The most annoying thing about a rubbish flash movie is poor humour. I think you should make more like this, but obviously with either different characters or a different plot.

Just in reply to other reviews...

Just wanted to say in reply to loads of reviews to this, a 'tragedy' isn't to do with how many people dies in something, it's to do with how and why. The london bombings was a tragedy as there are 40 families who have relatives lost, and to them that's tragic, and there are 100s of people who will have this event with them for the rest of their lives. Anyway, September 11th may have been tragic, but America retaliated by killing about 3000 afghanistan civilians, but when'd you last hear anyone mention that as a tragedy?

London has made a massive statement to terrorists by managing to have just about everything back to normal within less than a day, and that's great. I just want to say that to all of you who reviewed this saying London 'deserved' to be bombed, you really need have issues, as no country deserves to have innocent people killed.

By the way, nice movie.

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It was weird, but in a cool way.

I thought this was strange and original, and it makes a welcome change from a lot of the so-called "great" flash animations. Certainlt doesnt deserve to be rated as Turd of the Week.

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Thanks a lot

That really helped me. The only annoying thing was the text. Could you make it black please so i can see it more easily?

I really wanna know how to make a game like this

It works really slowly on my computer, but its a really good flash sonic. It's best one ive ever played. Make more.


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